Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MY "M.U.T."

Did you ever try to capture the essense of your beloved companion in one snapshot? Hard to do isn't it? Let's be realistic, no one looks at your pet the way you do and no one sees their captivating personality the way you only do. BUT, here is my attempt to do just that. Let me introduce you to MY M.U.T. --that stands for Mollie Tulip Underwood. In this snapshot I was asking her where one of my now-married children were. She immediately perked up and cocked her head to the side and flashed me her beautiful smile. Isn't she gorgeous? Mollie Tulip is the puppy of a rescued boxer (obviously Mollie's father was not a boxer) named Daisy--who has been evaluated to be "companion quality"--you know the kind of dog that could help the blind. I've never had Mollie evaluated but I bet she would be an awesome companion dog too. My words seems feeble trying to describe who she really is. She is sooo smart. We can let her outside and she knows the boundaries of our yard and rarely goes beyond. She catches her favorite ball with her front two paws (honest!) and fetches and fetches and fetches. On command she sits, stays, crawls, plays dead, talks, speaks and gives kisses to whomever you tell her, and knows her "family" by name. I'm so thankful for Mollie, Thanks God! Mollie makes my heart sing just knowing she will be there to greet me when I get home each day!

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  1. You really did an excellent job capturing how sweet miss mollie dolly is. Also, I can see just a hint of your shadow on the pavement. :-) Very nice!